Live Your Potential

Live Your Potential, a Success Coaching Company, helps entrepreneurs and individuals to achieve their goals and become successful by providing the motivation, accountability and tools to stay focused. This is done through one on one success coaching, Success Seminars, Workshops, and Events.

As a Success Coach, JoAnn Youngblood King is committed to her clients success and happiness. She motivates and supports them in staying on track with their purpose and goals. She listens deeply, without judgement and explores with them the actions that will move them toward their success.

Testimonials from Clients:
“JoAnn, I am happy to say that I have been able to accomplish a lot of what we set out to do. Through your 6 week coaching program, I was able to take the initiative ….stop feeling sorry for myself…and actually turn around my situation. Also, I am very grateful for the inspiration I got through your book…it was very helpful. I hope that our relationship can continue although the 6 week program has ended. Thank you very much!” — Sophia Lois Blackman, Barbados

“JoAnn, Thanks for all you have helped me to achieve. I have pittered and pattered over becoming a Wedding and Event Planner for years. Deep down inside you made me realize that I have an Entrepreneurial spirit. My love of organizing and wanting to help others have drove me into the Wedding and Event Planning arena. With your coaching I have made so much progress over these last few weeks. You have help me to bring Anointed Affairs to life! Thank God there are people like you who reach down inside and use your God’s given talents to help others. You are a wonderful Coach! Thanks for allowing me to be your next Top Success story. Because of you, I am learning to live my life to my full potential. Thanks a million!” — Vernessa Blackwell, Bowie, MD

“The time that I have spent with JoAnn has been absolutely beautiful. She has opened my eyes to so many ideas and motivational techniques when it comes to my business and life. She’s extremely genuine and passionate about wanting to help others move up and forward in their lives. I am truly blessed to have met JoAnn and I look forward to working with her in the future.” — Tashonia Smith, Queens, NY

Thank you JoAnn for the loving encouragement you gave me all year. I’ve  come a long way with overcoming my fears and anxieties. Nice to have someone like you who genuinely cares about helping others. Keep up the good work! – Pat Sconiers

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