1 Proven Method For Positive Speaking In Just Days

speaking positively

Speaking positively is one of the quickest ways to tap into your successful self. The positive words you speak have a big impact on your life. I was talking to a friend reminiscing about a block party we went to many years ago in the neighborhood I grew up. When we arrived, we learned that there would be a raffle drawing and the prize was $100. I entered the drawing and told everyone that I was going to win. I remember talking about the fact that I was going to win the whole day. I didn't feel that I really...

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Secret to Building Your Goals on a Strong Foundation Revealed

Woman coaching others

To have the successful life you desire, you must build a strong foundation. There is a song called "The Bones" by Maren Morris. In the song, "the bones" is actually a metaphor for the strong foundation of a relationship. It says in the song "I know any storm we're facing will blow right over while we stay put. The house don't fall when the bones are good" The song implies that no matter what obstacles may come to test the relationship, "the bones" will remain. The word bones is commonly used in talking about the strong foundation and structure of...

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