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New Year, New Goals, New Clarity

We are already into the second month of the new year. It’s been said that time waits for no one. so, it's time to get clear. If there’s one thing that keeps people stuck, it’s a lack of clarity. You know you want to quit your exhausting and draining day job in favor of the freedom of self-employment, but you aren’t clear on the steps to take. You want to take an exotic vacation, but you aren’t sure where to go—or how to make it happen. You want to grow your business, but aren’t even sure what that means. The...

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Ideas, Ideas, Ideas


I saw a couple of posts on social media about some people who created businesses based on their great ideas. One of the ideas was very familiar to me. A past client of mines told me that they had that same idea many years ago. However, the business was created and started by someone else. I totally believe my past client was capable of making this idea come to fruition. What she didn't realize was that by thinking and talking about her idea, she was creating a cause for an effect to show up whether it be by her or...

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