The Power of Our Words

power of words

Being aware of the power of the words you say and hear are very important when going after your goals. Many years ago, I saw a woman walking down the street with her daughter and just as they were passing by me I heard the little girl say, "Mommy, where are we going?" The woman replied, "Be quiet and just be happy you're going somewhere!" What struck me, at first, was the way the woman spoke to the curious child. However, I later realized what was more damaging were the words the mom said. Being told something like this could...

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Finding the Motivation to Succeed

Motivation to Succeed, Image of book

One of the challenges you may encounter after you set a wonderful goal for yourself, is finding the motivation to succeed. When you are trying to get and stay motivated to succeed, ask yourself two questions; how strong is your determination to achieve that goalwhat is your reward? When your determination is strong, nothing can stop your motivation to succeed. For instance, when I wrote my very first book, "The next top success story". My plan was to have a mirror on the cover. I looked around for publishers and designers that would help me with my vision of having...

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