Having a Hard Time Completing Goals

Woman completing goals

Do you find yourself having a hard time completing goals? If so, don't fret. It's common for an individual to feel stuck while working on completing their goals. Mostly, the process feels stressful because you must learn something new to accomplish your endeavor. Experiencing a hard time completing goals is normal, but staying there isn't helpful. Successful entrepreneurs realize more learning or changing the process is required to reach their projections. These business owners invest in themselves by hiring a coach or joining a mastermind group or business community to learn what the industry leaders are doing. Confusion Prevents You...

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How Developing a Positive Mindset Gets Results

Have you ever felt like developing a positive mindset wasn't necessary for you to be successful? I have. I thought my will power was enough to achieve any goal. But I quickly realized, I need more than my will power. I started feeling overwhelmed plus the fear of failure blocked me from achieving my goals. These two mental blocks stagnated my movement until my brother gave me a book titled, The Power of Positive Thinking. Reading this book changed the way I engaged thoughts in my mind. One of the quotes from that book that changed my thinking was "What...

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