Surrender: How Letting Go Helps Me Achieve Goals Now

Letting go, achieve goals

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Letting go can be a powerful way to achieve your goals. Practicing surrender has helped me even move forward. While it may not seem sensible on your goal achievement journey, letting go releases attachments, habits, or mindsets to make progress. Here are some ways in which letting go helps me achieve goals.

5 Ways to Start Letting Go

    • Embrace Change: I started changing my routine day by day. Letting go of my old habits has been imperative for me to make room for my goal achievement.
    • Choose Execution over Perfection: Perfectionism is a myth that led me to procrastination because I feared criticism and failure. However, I’ve surrendered to the truth that failure is a natural part of the process to achieve my goals.
    • Focus on Priorities: Letting go of actions and thoughts that do not support my goal made room for clear priorities. Spreading myself too thin trying to do what others wanted me to and work on my goals was not working. So, I started setting expectations for others, which allowed me space to complete the tasks toward my goals.
    • Replace Negative Emotions: At times, I feel down. It happens in life. However, I know it’s time to replace heavy thoughts when I feel sad for more than a day or two. Talking myself up to raise my emotional vibration through chanting, and physical movement opens my mind to creativity.
    • Benefits of a Clear Mind: When my daily schedule became lighter, I could focus. Letting go of mental clutter improved my mental clarity.

    Letting go is not about giving up on your goals. It’s about releasing what’s blocking you from reaching your goals. Surrender is a process of self-awareness and growth that enhanced my ability to achieve my goals more effectively now.

    So, my advice is to start implementing changes now that set you up for better success in 2024. We are doing the work of letting go of what no longer serves us in my community. Join us here and start achieving your personal and professional goals.

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