Ditch These Distraction Habits to Master Your Focus 

Master your focus

You can master your focus when you get rid of distracting habits. It's hard to focus when your attention is diverted on things that don't matter as much as your to-do list. Sometimes your habits contribute to your tendency to get distracted and unfocused. Ditching distracting habits can help laser focus your time and energy plus boost your production. Here are three distraction habits you can get rid of to make it easier to focus on your goals. Master Your Focus Over The Social Media Distraction Habit It may seem important to keep up with the latest YouTube video posted...

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Tools for Staying Focused On Goals This Year

woman staying focused on goals

Have you had trouble staying focused on goals this year? If so, here is a list of tools to help you reset and get back on track. Tools For Staying Focused on Goals The first tool in this list probably seems horribly out of date: the to-do list The to-do list has been around since at least the Victorian era (and probably since the invention of writing), but many people do not use it. This includes a large percentage of those who have trouble concentrating and staying focused on goals daily. For a to-do list to be effective, it must...

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