Ideas, Ideas, Ideas


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I saw a couple of posts on social media about some people who created businesses based on their great ideas. One of the ideas was very familiar to me. A past client of mines told me that they had that same idea many years ago. However, the business was created and started by someone else. I totally believe my past client was capable of making this idea come to fruition.

What she didn’t realize was that by thinking and talking about her idea, she was creating a cause for an effect to show up whether it be by her or someone else.

Every great business or invention started as an idea. Basically, the person who created the successful business or invention got bold and acted on their idea, no matter how radical or unconventional it may have seemed in the beginning. They may have been laughed at by those who didn’t know any better, however those same naysayers ended up singing their praises when the business or invention became a success.

So, what does it take to turn your idea into reality. Here are 5 steps that are important to follow through and turn your ideas into realty.


You must first believe it is possible for you to make your idea work. You must believe it to see it!

Think positive

Only think, talk and see yourself succeeding with your idea. Speak about your idea in the present tense.

Get the help and support you need

You do not have to do everything yourself. You never know who can and will help, if you simply ask.

Stay motivated

Obstacles come up. Have a motivational plan.

Take consistent Action

Keep taking action toward your goal until it is done!

Don’t let a good idea slip through your hands. Write down all of your ideas. Under each idea, write down at least 2 steps you think should be made in order to get your idea out there, then act! Get moving! Complete the first step, then the next step. This process should give you a good start towards making your idea a reality. What you come up with can be your key to great wealth for you!

“Our world has changed over the years because new ideas were acted upon. People may not have had all the answers, but as they began to take action, the answers became clear!” — Catherine Pulsifer

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” – Lee Iacocca

“It is better to entertain an idea than to take it home to live with you for the rest of your life.” — Randall Jarrell