Succeed Behind the Mask

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the world is currently facing, there are new laws in place that state a mask should be worn in public places.  Recently, one of my clients mentioned that she went on a job interview and was very discouraged afterwards. As we know, during job interviews you are required to put your best foot forward. My client felt that she didn’t do her best because of having to wear a mask. She felt that the mask not only hid her beautiful smile, it stopped her from being able to show her interest in the job. My client also mentioned that she found herself looking at the interviewer’s mask, which was distracting and may have cause her to miss information that was being said. The whole experience was new, uncomfortable and weird.

How should one conduct themselves during a job interview while wearing a mask?

While I haven’t had that specific experience of wearing a mask on a job interview, that question totally resonated with me.  When I was a teenager, I had extremely bad acne. I always felt that the bumps on my face were like a mask that prevented people from knowing the real me. I didn’t look people directly in the eye because I didn’t want to give them a chance to look at my face too long. When someone did spend time speaking to me, I would wonder what they were thinking about my face. Thinking about this now, sounds so crazy, but it’s true. I had some interesting experiences regarding my looks growing up.

As a success coach and someone whose mission is to motivate and encourage others to achieve their goals and dreams, here is my answer to the question above based on my experiences of not focusing on the face.

I believe your mindset, positive self-esteem and focus is key to having a great job interview.

First, you decided to interview for a certain position because it fits the right requirements for you. You know it’s something you have interest in. You know that you are capable of doing what is required. The salary is good for you.  Go into the interview with the decision that you are the best person for the job and that it will be your job, no matter what.

Second, realize that we are all required to wear masks at this time. Even a job as a receptionist, where you would smile and greet guests, is still a necessary position. You have to rely on your knowledge of the position, your attitude and your actions.

Make sure to look the interviewer in the eyes and focus on what is being said about the position. Pay attention to questions asked and have a few questions prepared to ask the interviewer.

Lastly, forget about how you look in a mask or how the interviewer looks, for that matter. Behind the mask, you are so much more than a nice smile. Focus on showing off your knowledge, your confidence, your strengths, your positive attitude and your winning spirit! The potential you have to succeed at getting the job will shine through.