Your Best Ways to Improve Motivation and Reach Goals

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The best ways to improve motivation is to know what is important to you. When you’re procrastinating days, or weeks, you need to know what actions will get moving to reach your goals. Sometimes the threat of not completing the job on time is not enough to motivate you. Fortunately, there are tangible steps you can take to give yourself a boost when you feel unmotivated. Below are four methods to improve motivation quickly. Try these and see which ones help you get past that dragging feeling.

Best Ways to Improve Motivation is Achieving Results

One way to convince your brain that an activity is worth starting is to look forward to the results. Think about what you will do with the money you earn or feeling satisfied from handing in your portion of the monthly report. No matter the project, visualizing the result of your efforts can improve motivation and help you reach your goal. Consider adding an actual visual such as a photo, magazine clipping or other image to motivate you on a dream board.


Another issue is feeling sleepy or even restless because it interferes with you being productive. A solution is to move your body at specific times. Taking an exercise break clears the mind and decreases stress levels. A brisk walk or heading to the gym for an aerobics class in the evening can be enough to get your creativity flowing. Movement is one of the best ways to improve motivation.

Relaxation and Rest

The opposite is also true – meditation and rest rejuvenate your mind. If your brain or thoughts feel cloudy, meditation or a nap might be better for you. Lay down or stretch out on the sofa for a 20-minute power nap. Although it sounds like a contraction, relaxing is one of the best ways to improve motivation.

Listen to Music

Listening to music has always been my way to improve motivation when I’m working on my coaching business or cleaning the house. If you like working with background noise, music can be your favorite work partner. I love the saxophone, so listening to instrumental songs is my motivational tool. If you require silence to concentrate, create a playlist to get in the work mood.

Start Small

Lastly, a method often successful in tricking the mind is to start with a small portion of a large project. Using the above example of the monthly report, you could begin by gathering your data and other supplies necessary for completing the job. These small actions can guide you in the right mindset to keep working on the next step. Getting started truly is half the battle.

Incorporate these suggestions to fit your personality, preferences, and lifestyle. Try them all. Keep the ones that work for you and let go of others. As you develop your routine to improve your motivation, consider joining a thriving community that is focused on achieving their goals this year by clicking here.

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