Succeed in spite of Struggle

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Struggle is something we all face in life at one time or another. You can’t get away from it. You may have heard the saying “Life’s a struggle.” It’s not such a great thing to go around saying or having that linger in your subconscious mind.  It’s important to know the reason why we struggle and encounter obstacles and what to do about it.

We struggle for several reasons: To show you how strong you  are; To help you get over your fears; to teach you something new; to test your character and to help you be an example to others.  Obstacles are absolutely necessary for your growth!

While striving to succeed in life, it’s inevitable that there will be struggle. So, what do you do about it? Do you give up on working to achieve your dreams and goals? Do you wait until you are not struggling anymore or a particular obstacle has gone away? Absolutely not! You keep plugging away. You may have to move a little slower in pursuit of your goals depending on the circumstances, however, do not stop!

Use the struggle you may be going through as a catalyst that will propel you towards your success.

There is nothing in your life that you cannot handle. You are really capable of handling so much more than you realize! Sure, there may be some obstacles and problems that can really shake you up; however, you must not let them stop your progress towards your success.

“If you give up at the first sign of struggle, you’re really not ready to be successful.” — Kevin Hart

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” — Frank A. Clark

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don´t give up.” — Robert Tew

JoAnn Youngblood King, CTA Certified Success Coach, Author, Speaker and Owner of Live Your Potential is a member of Coach Training Alliance, and The International Association of Coaches. She specializes in working with mom entrepreneurs to find the time needed to start their business or take their existing business to the next level. To reach your immediate goals get strategic steps by subscribing to her newsletter to the right. For ways of achieving goals with your faith, JoAnn’s book, Live Your Potential and Let Your Faith Lead You to Success available on Amazon.

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